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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Pet Peeves that really bother me (Politically)

The TEA party started out as a group of Americans really ticked off with the US government for its over-reaching, power grabbing, un-Constitutional behaviour. Taxed Enough Already. And it grew into a bunch of Americans voicing their displeasure with the bloated, spend like a drunken sailor, more interested in special interests than protecting the interests of the public entity.

But then along came the naysayers. (Generally, the ones in power, behind the power and gain the most from keeping those in power.) They called the group racists. Which is hard to fathom when every race, gender and creed have taken up the "fed up with the Feds up" in DC rallying cry. They say its a bunch of American hating nazi's. Which is so ludicrous that it doesn't garner much more of a response from me except to say there is nothing MORE American than voicing your opinions about how our country is run. They have called the group anti-Government . . . okay, I'll give that one to them, so long as what they mean the government which is overspending, stomping on rights, ignoring the Constitution, ignoring the will of the people and sleeping with the special interests and unions. Then YEP, guilty on that one. (If you may recall, I am not a part of any TEA party organization, haven't even gone to a meeting of same. I am just an American that believes all AMERICANS deserve a voice.)

THEN came the media, who, as usual, just doesn't get it. They started referring to the TEA party as the Tea Party. It is not a political party. It is Americans standing up and letting their voices be heard. That it is from those who mostly identify themselves as conservative is a story in and of itself, as most conservatives have not traditionally done the grass roots, rally, sign carrying routine. But the mainstream media did their usual thing and leaned waaaaaay left on this one and fell in line with the liberal, Democrat agenda.

But that is just one thing. Another is that you cannot disapprove of President Obama without being called a racist or Uncle Tom. I am so tired of that card being played by politician and pundit alike. Obermann with his little chills running up his leg can go stuff it in a Spam can. I do not disagree with Obama because he is not white, I disagree with Obama because he is wrong. There is a great difference. If a white man, oh I don't know, like Clinton or Carter were doing the things Obama has done . . . oh wait, yeah they did a lot of stuff like Obama (just not as fast or as radical) and I totally disagreed with what they did. In fact, I don't like the President's policies hardly at all, but I still think Jimmy carter was the worst President in modern history. And he was my boss for a brief period of time and I am allowed to say that.

Another little political pet peeve of mine is the ridiculous way that every pundit thinks in black and white and has no shades of grey or coloring in between. We can have social responsibility but still be fiscally conservative. We can take care of those most in need (as out founding fathers envisioned America) while still cutting those off who take advantage of our generosity for their own greed. We can be big business friendly and still protect the rights of the workers. Without business, there are no jobs. Without skilled and educated people, there are no good workers. If we keep jobs in America, for Americans, we can reward those who make that possible. The American Dream is still alive. The American Spirit will not be torn asunder. So long as we all realize that we all have to live in this house.

I will share more in Political Pet Peeves Two. But for now, my fingers are tired, my back and leg is hurting and I need a break.

As usual, agree or disagree, that really doesn't matter to me. So long as I get you to think for yourselves, I've done my job. Because, heck, this is just me . . . Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day!

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