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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can even party faithful be this dumb?

I have to wonder if even the Democratic Party faithful are this dumb. The DCCC (the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) routinely sends out emails, a kind of ethernet propaganda bomb, with names of politicians attached as if they sent them out. And at the bottom of the email it says that the emails are not authorized by anybody.

However, this is not the part that I would hope that these fanatics of the Democratic machine would find unbelievable. Since it is right there in front of their eyes, you would HOPE that these people are smarter than a newborn. (Because even a pre-schooler, let alone a 5th grader, would notice this,right?)

Here is a link to a copy of the latest email. (To return to this blog, hit the back button on your browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

No, what I find so totally, obnoxiously ludicrous that it is hard for me to imagine ANYONE believing this tripe, is that no one really believes that either party takes the other party's fundraising as serious indications of the sentiment of the American public.

I mean, I have been a pretty intensely vocal person about my political opinion. Yet, in all my 50 years (38 of them as a taxpayer), have I donated more than $5 to anyone's political campaign. This latter lapse in my judgement as to how to spend my money was just two years ago. And that was only so I could get a yard sign because I really believed in this candidate. But in all those years, just one $5 donation means that for all the other thousands of days and dozens of political campaigns and years of bad or good policy decisions I may or may not have agreed with shows that fundraising is no indication of the average American's opinion on anything.

Fundraising is the $2500 a plate extravaganzas which are a politician's way of connecting to elitists who can connect them to more people to give them money. They are ways to make splashy campaign ads to announce their popularity or denounce their opponents "evil" connections with big business or some other villain du jour.

Average people do not make donations to political campaigns. Average people have more important things to do with their money. You know, like buy food, pay rent, pay utility bills or doctor's bills or medicines or any number of things that regular people do with their money. Not that politicians should be able to know what regular, average Americans do with their money.

Politicians are too busy discussing multi-billion dollar spending sprees and debating billion dollar cuts to such programs as to protect some little fishy or create a special turtle crossing or expand an airport that nobody sues. They are way to busy building up incredibly high debts and demanding the ability to increase even more debt. Politicians are so busy spending money that we don't even have, the idea that they know that the average American is wondering if they should buy a dozen eggs this week or wait until next week. They don't understand as they jet off to some bigger fundraiser that the average American is waiting until the cupboards are empty so they can combine trips to the grocery store and conserve gas because the costs are way to high.

So for me to believe that the recipients of these emails really fall for the inane (and often poorly written) missives mean anything in the real world, is beyond fantastical.

But then again, Democrats are content to let Obama be their candidate for the 2012 elections with no competition from anybody. I mean, don't they realize that even Hilary would be a better choice to lead America?

So I guess the Democratic Party faithful can really be this stupid after all. Maybe the real focus of America's problem solving should be aimed at education. Because it is obvious to me that anyone who can be this stupid was never taught to be a critical thinker, to think for themselves, to gather in all the data and look at it in rational and objective view. We need to start educating our youth so that even if they grow up to become Democrats, they will grow up to be smart Democrats and not like the stupid ones we have today who believe groups like the DCCC and people like Nancy Pelosi (who doesn't realize she is no longer in power) are doing things in the best interest of America, the best interest of average Americans.

Agree with me or disagree with me (and we know who will do which, now don't we?). Either way, that is not my objective. My reason for going on and on with these blog entries is to get you, the reader -- be you Democrat, Republican, Independent . . . conservative, liberal or undecided -- to think for themselves. I urge you to not even take everything I say as gospel (although we all know I am right). Just look at all the BS and facts and statistics and gray area information, wrap it all up in that incredible thing on your should, located between your ears and mash it all together. Come up with what is reasonable, what is true. Just THINK FOR YOURSELVES and I will consider my job done.

But heck, what do I know, I'm just a writer. I mean, this is, after all, just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have yourselves an absolutely wonderful day! (And don't forget to check out all the other links on this page besides the blog entry itself.)


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