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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now he knows how we feel

President Obama has "reached his limit" on the debt talks. He says it may bring his Presidency down but he will not yield.

Well, POTUS, now you know how we, the American public, fell about all the nonsense you and your Democratic colleagues have been doing these past 2+ years. In the midterm elections, we pretty much let you know we also had "reached our limit" with the "you have to read it to find out what's in it" legislation and backdoor deals and economic flubs and government intrusions into our lives. We told you, in no uncertain terms that creating government jobs is not a way to stimulate the economy. We demanded an end to the bailouts turned corporate take overs where we the taxpayers did not want to own a piece of Big Auto, nor did we want any part of dictating to business how they "do" business. We chanted in march after march, rally after rally, townhall after townhall that we were tired of the people who have never owned, operated nor run ANY kind of business telling corporate America how to do their jobs. We have since decried your continued excesses and finger pointing and media spin that made CEOs targets of vile hate and fear mongering. Even as recently as a few days ago, we drew a collective gasp and delivered astonished "good griefs" over your obvious fear pandering to senior citizens when you told them their checks would stop when you knew full well it was a lie.

We have told YOU that we had reached out limit with you and your social engineering, We told you we would no longer listen to your politically motivated drivel, nor to the media's obvious spin doctoring.

But it is incredible to see that you still do not listen.

Your lackeys such as Steve Israel and Robby Mook continue to send out their outraged letters in defense of your position and further vilification of the Republicans for standing firm against the dangerous actions you insist on taking. You continue to call special press conferences to berate and belittle true Americans who want us to stop this downward spiral of our economy, values and the long history of the American 'can-do' spirit and great tradition of entrepreneurialism.

So I guess now you know how we fell. You have reached your limit. One can only hope. maybe you'll stop fighting the millions who keep saying Noooooooo when it comes to out of control spending. Maybe you'll start to listen when we collectively say Stoooooooop in denouncement of your heavy handed tactics. We pray that you'll come to some kind of sense and behave like a President of the United States and not some Democratic Party dictator and patsy.

If not, we will definitely have our say come November of 2012. You will definitely hear us then when we say GOODBYE at the polling stations across America. Because I don't know of any rational thinking person, even Democrats, who will not say enough is enough. Who will not tell you loud and clear, we have REACHED OUR LIMIT with you.

Agree or disagree, but some of you out there have got to have your thinking caps on and realize that what I am saying makes sense. Some of you have got to understand that what the President, the NLRB, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the rest of the Democratic machine in this country is doing to further destabilize and destroy our economy. But if not, that is okay, too. Just as long as I maybe made you think just a little differently instead of blindly following anyone else's "truths" about our economy and the debt limit, than I will have done my job. Either way, it is no matter to me. Because, heck, this is just me, Thinking Ouot Loud.

Have a great day.


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