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Friday, September 16, 2011

Exciting News

I have exciting news.

And it has nothing to do with Barack Obama's jobs plan (which I've already spoken out about before the latest news from GOP). It has nothing to do with Huntsman sucking up to the sports minded fans of South Carolina (like going to Clemson and Univeristy of South Carolina games is NOT going to offset each other). Or Hillary announcing there is "less than zero" chance of here going up against Obama in 2012 Primary (don't you love politicians who say such things . . . makes you wanna shout LIAR!).

No, my news is actually about me. I have been walking around with an elated feeling that even politics can't sway from me.

After all the articles, blogs, reviews, short stories I have published over the years, I have finally published BOOK ONE. (I call it that because I have every intention of following this up quickly with non-fiction, fiction and many more books. Let the flood waters spill!)

It is a poetry anthology of poems and pictures about my time as a truck driver. Aptly titled, Behind the Wheel: A Trucker's Poetry Book, I hope to dispel some preconceptions about truckers, life on the road and what these dedicated professionals have to deal with in regards to family, friends, job and life on the road in general. You can check it out (it is an e-book you can download on many platforms) if you'd like. I know I would LOVE it if you checked it out.

Now that I have broken that barrier in my life, I will be publishing more. Including the soon to be completed non-fiction "memoir" of the 2008 political campaign up to Barack's first year in office. Thinking Out Loud: The Book should be done editing next week and I will be getting that one out there.

Anyway, thank you all for your support of this blog. It is to you and the people over at WM Freelancers on LinkedIn that I gained my courage to do this. (I did the dedication to my family for Behind the Wheel, but it will be to you all that I will be dedicating the next one. After all, it was my readers, both casual and dedicated, that have inspired me to keep writing my thoughts on all things in America from a conservative viewpoint.

I will be back to wax politic and philosophical. For now, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud, and beaming from ear to ear.

Have a great day. I am.


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