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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Misunderstanding or intentional deception?

The budget / jobs issues plaguing DC and the US, the Standard & Poor's double standard downgrade of the US debt and the vile coming from all sources (including a VP that would willing label American's exercising their freedoms as "terrorists") is something the average person is scratching their collective heads about.

The downgrade was a stupid political move by a group of people who have drifted so far from where they are supposed to be. Not only did Standard & Poor's contribute to the problematic US (and world, at this point) economy by rating institutions that were dealing in derivatives that made no sense, they issued their downgrade on the basis of political and not monetary reasons. It was a ridiculous and confusing move. Ridiculous because they know the US will never default because they can just print more dollars (if needed, of course, because the the inflationary effect). Confusing because the market is full of day and amateur traders who don't understand what it all meant.

The bile that comes from the mouths of liberals and Democrats is most disturbing because it is Americans defaming Americans for little more than a difference in ideology or political opinion, and it is despicable. Pelosi has done it, Biden has done it and nearly every Democrat in office has devolved to using such hateful and powerful words as "terrorist", and blaming horrible acts on common political practices.

But beyond that is the unfathomable curiosity as to the "WHY" of it all. Anyone with common sense can look at the problem and come up with the general solution. Stop spending and borrowing money. Put into place a mechanism to keep the situation from happening again. It is simple. The "Cut, Cap and Balance" legislation did just that. Why could not the Democrats in Congress and the demagogue in the White House accept the principle and then argue the details? Why did they just have to refuse to even consider it? Because they don't want to. Not because it is "bad for America." Not because they think it is the wrong way to go. But because it would make sense, fix the problem and make them ACCOUNTABLE.

The last thing that President Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and every Democrat out there wants is to held accountable.

They want to instill fear. They want to tear this country apart so they can put it back together into something that little resembles the America the founders envisioned, the America that immigrants have held onto for hope and the America that you and I know and love so dear. And they want to continue their deceptions on everything from the budget issues to jobs creation. Just so you know, the only jobs the government can create is government, public sector, non-producing jobs. These are jobs that do nothing to increase the productivity of America. Jobs that shouldn't even exist in the first place, since there is so much duplication and redundancy in government departments already. Government can only create an ENVIRONMENT for jobs. But they will never do this if they kewep hosing around with their plans.

Every time they do something like Obamacare, they create confusion and apprehension in the business community. Every time they use class warfare statements in their speeches and policies, they hinder the business community from moving forward. With every sweep of the "tax the rich" commentary, they sweep future jobs right out the door. Government regulations and taxes are one thing. But burdensome regulations and OVER taxing the people who already pay the most taxes, is too much.

You can agree or disagree with me. Just ask yourself why the President and the Democrats had no plan but would oppose a plan that makes sense? Why they would continue to cause fear among seniors with lies, fear among business leaders with threats of even more regulation and taxes? Why would they say they don't care about not being in office yet press their re-election agenda even into their legislation and leading?

But it is okay if you disagree with me. It only matters that I get you, even some of you, to open your eyes and think for yourselves rather than continue to just take their rhetoric as gospel. Because, heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tyrannosaurus Debt

For those who remember Schoolhouse Rock, this is a funny blast from the past. But it is certainly not all that funny in real life.

$5 Trillion. If only.

". . .a fiscal misadventure, with million dollar dentures . . ." What a great description of our debt problems. Seems NO ONE has been responsible enough to rein in the ridiculous spending. And we would not have those outrageous war debt issues if we would just stop forgiving debt. I mean, Japan and Italy and Germany (in WWII) declared war on the world at large. Yet we have forgiven all the money we spent rebuilding. And now, Iraq and Afghanistan is draining our dollars without so much as a "how do you do" as far as repayment. How about giving us oil at a cheap rate? Tell OPEC to stuff it. The radicals attacked us and still attempt to do so. Yet we are spending so much money securing and rebuilding their countries. For what? No thanks in response. But the wimpy, pander to the lowest common denominator of the world and American apology artist POTUS would just forgive and forget.

Maybe it is time we elect people to office who will really rein in debt. And the best way to ensure they do so is to kick out of office the ones who will not do the job they were elected for.
The whiners will tell tales of woe about not caring for the needy in this country if we cut spending on the three big areas that suck up most of the money. (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.) And the wimpy panty-waists who decry the wars will boo-hoo about how we destroyed their country so we need to pay for rebuilding it.

But I ask this, who is paying to rebuild the twin tower area in NYC? Who paid for rebuilding the Pentagon? Who is paying to rebuild the higher security and anxiety of a nation attacked unprovoked by cowards and liars? I don't see anyone stepping up to the plate. So why do we have to pay them for all this without anything in return when we were just shoring up our own country's defense by responding. They need to pay up, in oil or cash, and stop playing the innocent victims.
As for the entitlement programs, there is so much unnecessary redundancy and abuse in the systems of Medicare and Medicaid that the needy don't get what they really need. And the system has a built in binky factor (a binky is a baby pacifier for those of you in the dark about the term). We need to wean off those who no longer need the help, stop the abusers from scamming "the system" for their own lazy benefits and streamline the way things work so that the truly needy get all the help we can offer. And as for social security, that was a failed system the minute they diverted funds to other government needs.

Government is TOO BIG, the system of entitlements is too fat and bloated and used by those who are just lazy, and the the (most of) the people in office ned to be shipped back to the million dollar abodes they slithered out from. (This is not class envy, but proof that they are out of touch with regular Americans.)

As usual, you can agree with my assessment of the situation and wave your "Yay!" banner, or you can disagree and call me a callous elitist (but I would wrinkle my nose at the "elitist" part because it would be funny if it weren't sad). Either way, it really makes no difference to me. Just so long as that decision to agree or disagree was made up by your own mind and not just a regurgitation of some left or right wing pundit's pronouncement. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


Monday, August 1, 2011

New word, no need to get it out

Anyone who read the previous posting about getting help with the book can forget about it. If you missed it, that's fine. I deleted the post.

I never delete anything. But I realized that it was tacky asking for donations to help me self publish. I am that desperate to get this thing out there for as many people to read and be reminded that I didn't think about how it might offend my regular readers. So, this is a first, but I did delete it. Not that it had anything monumental to say.

Anyway, my nephew turned me onto a great way to publish and it is something I can do. So please pay attention to this space, as I will be advertising the book as soon as I am able to get it to the publisher. I am hoping to have it available in both standard book form and in electronic book form.

Back to my normal agenda, can you believe the political BS oozing out of DC? I'm sure you can. Because it is the same old BS dung that comes from Washington DC morons.

Cap, cut and balance was the only way to go. It made sense. It made fiscal sense, common sense and societal sense. But leave it up to the schmucks who run this country to come to a compromise that fails to keep us out of further debt, leaves us without a demand for our politicians to be responsible and leave us without responsible cuts in current spending.

We will pay through the nose, continue to pay through the nose and will always pay through the nose if we continue to let these morons lie to us (about seniors losing their checks this week), BS us ( about the need to stabilize the world economy by allowing us to run up MORE debt) and giving us the shaft (by allowing ridiculous spending habits).

Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter. Just stop listening to the spin and use that grey matter between your ears for more than just remembering to chew and walk at the same time. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.