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Monday, May 13, 2013

74 lashes? Really? Morons.

This is why I am totally against ANY kind of despotic type ruling body - governmental or not, religious or not.

I am in no way, shape or form a fan of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's over-the-top, oft times megalomaniacal President. He constantly seeks to thwart any attempts by the rest of the world to play nice. And his threats to other countries (yes, we are talking mostly Israel and the US here) are beyond sane.

But him going to the registry office with his protege to file for the upcoming election being a violation of election law? Seriously? He can't run. So who cares if he goes with the guy?

The asinine, despotic Islamic leaders do, thats who.

Anyone who thinks that this "crime" deserves 6 months in an Iran jail or 74 lashes is delusional. I know that many Americans might think that our own politicians who violate various election laws would deserve this, but thats just mean spirited thinking. They really don't actually want that to happen.

(And for those who say "oh yes we do" aren't thinking about how different jail is in Iran than the cushy life most American jails offer their inmates. But thats a topic for a different conversation.)

It is a despot ruled country that would actually do this. I don't care if that rule is religiously based - as this one is - or secularly based. I hate all despots.

So to all those "Islam is not so bad" blatherers out there, hear this: Its not Islam that is the problem. Its the people in charge of various factions of the religion that are. There are plenty of Muslims out there who practice their religion and go on with their life happy and content. But there is a perverted form out there that is the cause of nearly all the world's current woes. Cut out this disease and the world goes to some sort of sanity and we can all move forward in science, culture, art, peace - you name it - happily.

But until this blight on the face of the earth is eradicated - and this thing with Ahmadinejad is a prime public example of the ridiculousness of these fatheads who don't really believe in the same religion that Mohammed did - than we are in for some tough roads ahead.

Anyway, I'll get off the old soapbox and remind you that you can agree or disagree. No problem. I just want people out there to think for themselves, come tho their own conclusions and not be swayed by anyone else's opinion - including mine. Just use that grey matter stuffed between your ears and THINK for god's sake - and your own. But hell, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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