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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government shutdown . . . SMH

This was apparently an email that was sent out recently. Someone posted it on Facebook. Take a look.

From: Barack Obama
Subject: This has gone too far

Friends --

This has gone too far.

House Republicans are threatening to shut down the government -- and potentially default on our bills for the first time in history -- because they want to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.

Well let me state this as clearly as I can: I won’t let the Republicans prevent 30 million people from getting health insurance, and I won’t let them inflict economic pain on millions more just so they can make an ideological point.

But I need you standing with me. That’s why I’m asking you to step up before this fundraising deadline and help me defend everything we’ve fought for together:

Click here to give $3 or more today and your donation will be triple-matched.

House Republicans are promising to roll back all the hard-earned economic progress we’ve made.

I need you to show them that you won’t stand for it.


Barack Obama

It truly baffles me how people can make (minimum $172,000 a year - for Obama its $400,000 a yr just from his job as President, although he is reportedly making in the million range) will ask hard working Americans to donate money so they can do their job. Don't they make enough to spend on themselves to "do their job". And really, we don't elect them to be intractable with each other, we elect them to go and represent us to work with those that millions of others elect to work with each other and so on. Dividing us on this point or that point is counter to their job description. If we went to work and were intractable with our co-workers and asked our bosses to give us even more money so we can be this way, plus we get our bosses to argue with each other, how long would we keep OUR jobs? yes, the President is right. This has gone too far.

And the link attached with the FACEBOOK posting took you to the website, "Democrats for 2014".

Here is what it asked for on this website.

"Support President Obama's Agenda
Will you chip in right now to help us fight back against Republican attacks and support President Obama's agenda?

The average gift today is $23.12

Your Contribution to DCCC
$ (fill in the blank here with what you are willing to sacrifice so they can stay in office)

(Disclaimer Note – that last part not in Italics I threw in.)

Then it has the gall to ask how many contributions you want to make. Its like you're renting or leasing a car. Instead, its renting or leasing a political party, a political candidate or a political ideology.

"Make this contribution...
Each month for the next months"

Don't get me wrong. The other side has done this for just as long and is just as bad.

But don't blame them. We did this. We made them this way. We allowed this type of person to hijack OUR government. A government that is supposed to be of, by and for the people. But our collective apathy has led them to think they can do whatever they want, pull whatever wool over our eyes they feel like and trample whatever facet of our country's history that doesn't fit with their personal agenda, or the agenda of those manipulating them.

We have allowed them, through a lack of our own understanding of how this country was formed, through our caring about ourselves and each other.

Let me step back just for a moment to head off some of the objections to my last statement that will most assuredly be forthcoming.

The cries will ring out “If you cared, you wouldn't object to Obamacare, unemployment extensions, (fill int he blank for entitlement programs of your choice here).”

To the contrary, I care more than you do. I say that because you want to hand out and hand out and hand out – simply because it makes you feel good. I want to help up, empower and shuttle people on their way because it is good for them, for me and for America to have useful, contributing members of society rather than useless, unmotivated leeches draining from the rest of us. I want REAL healthcare reform that will address the REAL problems our country faces, not just a smattering of nice pieces here and there bundled in with all the stinking parts. I want doctors to treat patients for reasonable fees so they can provide for their family. I want enough insurance companies providing insurance to fill EVERYONE'S needs no matter what they do or where they live. I want an end to irresponsible and frivolous people who think they will get rich off of a lawsuit (one of the top three ways Americans think they will get rich) and who think they are ENTITLED to something without having to work for it.

I want jobs for people - in THIS country. I want companies to act responsibly, pay their employees and offer them reasonable benefits. I want unions to revert back to their original function of making sure workers are not taken advantage of, rather than the current situation where THEY take advantage of the workers, destroy the companies and cater to politicians all in the name of solidifying a power base of their own.

I want kids to get an education. And I want them to be able to further their education after high school IF THEY WANT without having to contract their first born child to indentured servitude. I want industry leaders to realize an educated workforce is better for them and their bottom line of profit so they combine forces to help fund education in this country.

But I also want other things. And this is where both the bleeding heart, liberal idiots and the right wing extremists and I part ways.

But lest you think that the rhetoric being bandied about is a concern about government shutdowns – the very plea the President and others are blitzing out there on the airwaves, beltways and cyberwaves. It isn't. Because it (looming shutdowns) happens all the time.

In fact, threats of government shutdowns happen ALL THE TIME throughout our history. And there have been 17 times it actually happened. (

Before the 70's, arguments and late passing budgets happened all the time, and most people didn't care because it didn't affect them. But President Carter's Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti, passed a legal opinion saying that government workers could not report to work until Congress passed a budget. Thus leading to the modern phenomena of shutdown threats and all the political posturing associated with them.

Which is what they are, posturing. They are political maneuvering for one side or the other to get what they want.

All to dupe the stupid voter into feeling relieved when a shutdown is either averted or finally ended. Politicians count on your gullibility, naivete, ignorance and apathy to use these shutdowns to score political points.

For which I say “Shame on you, Washington! Shame on you, Mr. President! Shame on you Senate and House leaders! And shame on you America for constantly voting in these frauds, these charlatans, these dissension-makers, these greedy, power hungry jerks year after year after year after year.

So who is to blame? Civiletti? Carter? Obama? Congress?

Not really. We let them think they could do what they want. We fall under their “spell” and become outraged by what they TELL US to be outraged about.

Therefore, its our own fault.

Personally, I'd say let it shutdown. Then maybe people will realize we need to vote them ALL out of office and become more educated with the people we elect to serve us. Maybe we'd be more in tune with WHY we are SUPPOSED to be sending these “representatives of the people” to Washington for in the first place.

I'd say that, but I'd know it would never happen. Americans are too lazy. Americans could care less about each other except where it makes themselves feel good, or gain something from it. Americans deserve what they get. And God help us all because we have to live with the stupidity and general haplessness of the American majority.

But you know what, you can agree with me or disagree with me and that is your free choice. In fact, I want you to check things out for yourself before believing anything I or ANYONE else tells you so you can be truly informed about what is really going on in this country. So its no skin off my nose if you agree or not, because this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


1 comment:

  1. I agree. Shut it down. Fixing it would be nice, but I doubt adopting the Affordable Care Act is going to do it. And re: 'the spell' - definitely describes those that would donate $$ to keep the government running. That's just beyond ludicrous. Wow.