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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let us contemplate the Teacher for a moment

As a great many people, young and old, go back to school for an even greater number of reasons, let us contemplate the teacher.

Not many people know this but here is the origin of the Teacher.

Back when God created the earth and the sun and the sky and the plants and the animals and, of course Adam and Eve, He thought He'd done a pretty complete job. But then Adam and Eve messed up.

It was at this point that He realized He needed to add one more thing to creation to help these hapless two and those who would follow.

So on the one hundredth and eighty-first day (yeah, it really didn't take them long to blow it), God created the Teacher.

He formed them out of the very core of the earth, because He knew they would have to have the greatest of strengths to deal with apathy and disrespect and long hours and short periods of rest and all the responsibility that came with being a Teacher.

Next He gave them the heart of a star because He knew they would need the hottest of fires to fuel their inner passions in order for them to share all they knew with so many, even in times of great adversity, and stubbornness on the part the those being taught.

Then God added a summer breeze in order to calm them during the greatest of tempests they might encounter, to help them achieve peace as they struggle to impart knowledge to unwilling recipients.

After this, God reached out into the heavens and pulled in just a small piece of the universe so that Teachers would have the wisdom of ages yet to come.

Finally, the Creator touched the center of the Teacher's soul to impart the compassion He Himself had shown Adam and Eve when they messed up.

With all these ingredients, God created the Teacher to instill, impart and inspire.

Many people give themselves the mantle and title of “teacher”, but only a handful were called in this manner and given the true soul of a Teacher. These few not only impart knowledge but they also instill passion and inspire to greatness those they teach.

If you were able to read this and think about what was said, if you drew a conclusion for or against these words, if you laughed and smiled and nodded your head – or even rolled your eyes – at any point during this discourse, then you should thank a Teacher.

Normally I would end this with my usual rants and taglines, but in respect to all the Teachers I have known, and do know in my life, I merely bid you adieu – truly, a fond farewell.

May you all have a peaceful day.


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