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Monday, October 11, 2010

Polls, Tolls and Touchdowns

A CNN poll asking the question, is Obama better than Bush? If you believe the rhetoric and the "it's Bush's fault" swift reply from the Obama Administration and liberals around the country, you would think the answer was pretty clear.

But not really. It might surprise some (but not too many) that the poll revealed that 47% think Obama is the better president, while Bush garnered a whooping 45%.

Obama's declining approval rating is not all unusual for a President. But his sharp drop from a year and a half ago highlights the deflating excitement of American's who had high expectations is deafening. As of 10/10/2010 Rasmussen shows Obama with a -13 rating (meaning 29% strongly Approve and 42% Strongly Disapprove). RealClear Politics poll of 9/28-10/10/2010 has the overall approval/disapproval favoring the later by a -3.1 rating (45.6% approve, 48.7% disapprove). And according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup poll, showed an overwhelming disapproval of how the President and Congress are running the country (I mistyped it at first and said "ruining"), with sixty percent saying the Federal government has too much power. And an asstonishing 50% believe that "(t)he federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedom of ordinary citizens."

So why am I ranting about something that has become obviouos to all but the most oblivious of Americans? Two reasons.

The first being that the mainstream media is so comfortably among those who are oblivious. Although they have been more critical of late, they still refuse to cover the dissent among voters as nothing more than a few loud minorities and nothing of any serious consequence, allowing Nancy Pelosi and others to vent that these people are nuisances, un-American and everything from bigots to hate-mongers. I feel it is high time for the media to actually do its job as being the check on the government instead of being the TASS-like arm of the Administration's liberal agenda.

The second being the fact that despite his low approval and the aweakening of the public to the dangers his agenda pose, he still feels the right to keep meddling in places he does not belong. Who is he to determine pay scalle? Or even advocate it? WHo is he to say what the market should or should not do? Who is he to think he can step into a local dispute in Massachusetts, or disparage law enforcement for doing their job? Who is he to level charges against a group opposed to his agenda, let alone do so without any proof?

Obama is supposed to be the President of the United States of America. Yet he constantly shows weakenss in the face of our enemies. he constantly takes a back seat to everyone else in the world and proves his complete lack of real world experience as it relates to doing his job. The economy. The unemployment issue. National Security. Illegal imigration. Environmental issues. Intereference in States doing their own internal business. One after another, he is failing miserably. One after the other he is looking to other world leaders for his course. We should have socialized medicine like (fill in the blank). We should apologize for our emissions to (fill in the blank).

Enough is enough and it is high time the President realizes he has lost his charm. It is high time he realized the honeymoon is over with the American people. And in November, the people WILL speak. And it will be a much more representative body he must deal with come January 2011.

Speaking of coming to terms with the reality of the situation, I am forced to speak to two college programs and their fans.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide lost to #19 South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday. It was a harsh and brutal game that was played before the packed William-Brice Stadium and the world at large on CBS television.

To Alabama and its supporters, I simply remind them that 1) this is the SEC and everyone knows it is hard to predict what will happen. And 2) the Tide did not play their best game. Perhpas it was the exhaustion of coming off three strong games against a team that had a bye week to rest up. Perhaps it was the overwhelming crowd they played before (I was there and it was indeed crazy). No matter, you still have a strong team, program, coach and leader in McElroy. Move on and keep strong.

To the South Carolina Gamecocks and their fans. Yes, celebrate. you played well and supported strongly. You werr hungry and it showed. You have every right and reason to celebrate your win over the best team in college ball. But don't get (if you'll pardon the intended pun) cocky. You still have a season ahead. If you want to stay in the top 10 and work toward a respectable Bowl game, you need to shake off the celebrations and get back to work, remembering that Saturday is history and you have many teams to go against that are now out to gun for you.

Thats all I have to say and you can agree or disagree with me over anything I've said here. But remember, it doesn't matter. So long as I got you to stop listening to the extremists and start thinking for yourselves, I've done my job. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day!

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