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Friday, October 1, 2010

Here's hoping!

Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel is leaving the White House to go and be the corrupt mayor of Chicago. Headlines say "Jokes and Tears as White House cheif of staff leaves." I say GOOD RIDDANCE, go back to the land of Chicago-style politics and may he be the first of many leaving DC!

This man is the very epitome of what is wrong in Washington politics and there is no way that any promise of "change you can believe in" had any chance of being accomplished. Hopefully he won't still be a little voice in the President's ear any more.

Now that he is gone I hope this starts a trend. More worthless political hacks need to vacate our nation's capitol. From the lobbysits who weren't supposed to be there (according the POTUS' own promises before being handed the keys to the liquor cabinet) to the slimey Cass Sunstein (who is head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, who has suggested we be able to shut down the Internet in cases of national emergencies).

Come November the American public (I pray) comes through and brings balance back to the halls of government so that all these social agenda policies and ballooning debt and wildly expanding government can be brought under some control. We need to remove all these fools that pass laws without even reading the damn things. Unless this country is under attack or is about to collapse from its too top heavy administration, there is no law too important that it cannot be reviewed by every person voting on it and every American citizen whom it affects. LIKE THEY PROMISED!

If these people cannot do this, they do not deserve to be there representing us. And if they think they can insult us and ignore us, they should not be allowed to continue to speak for us.

Rahm needs to be the first in a long line of Washington residents that need to be asked to leave, sent packing or given the hint that they are not wanted or welcome.

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