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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who loves ya, Baby?!

It sure as hell is not our elected officials. The Democrats, in a move that is sure to send the message to Americans that they are not loved, or cared about, or even listened to, have 20 bills that will see attempts for passage in a six week period between November and December. The Lame Duck session of Congress believes the Republicans will take a number of seats back in both the house and Senate. Therefore, they are pushing for passage of as many bills as possible.

This is some of the most distrespectful actions from a Congress who has shown nothing but contempt for the American public ever since Obama was elected President. In mad grabs for powwer, both Pelosi and Reid have ignored the calls from the American people to stop their exploding growth and bulging defecit. All falling on deaf ears of a power mad group who felt they had some 40 years of being ignored to make up for.

Some have called for Reid and (especially) Pelosi to be called up on abuse of power charges, something we will never see. But this latest effort by these misguided individuals is best described as dastardly.

Reid will push his Defense Appropriations bill (with the gay ban, abortion issues and immigrant DREAM Act intact). Pelosi wants to take up her child nutrition bill. Many of these causes by Democrats may sound wonderful and might be do-able in good economic times, are absurdly bloated in these hard fiscal times. Most don't have any way of paying for them and will increase the Federal deficet immensely.

Whether its Rep. George Miller's (D-CA)Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization or Sen. Jeff Bingamon's (D-NM) renewable electricity standard, the fact that the outgoing power hogs are pushing for these peices of legislation before losing their majority tells me that they have soemthing to hide in them.

These people should truly be ashamed of their actions, both before now and their intent after the Nov. 2nd elections. But something tells me they will not be. After all, these are the very same people who voted on legislation they had not read, nor cared when things were revealed after the fact.

Washington DC has become a cesspoll. Both Republicans and Democrats are all to blame. The few voices of reason (DeMint, Bachman, and a few others) are drowned out by the smarmy sound of heavy-handed, back door slipping, weaselly, underhanded, special interest glamming politicians of this debased seat of power.

We must skim the grease from our nation's capital and allow the clean waters to once more shine in the light of day. Maybe with such a boisterous clamour from the citizens of this country, the President and those left standing will realize that the "change you can believe in" is the change Americans want not the change they had planned. A clean sweep and true transparency is the only thing the people will stand for.

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