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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reid pushes social agenda disguised as Defense Bill

The Defense Bill that failed Cloture vote today is just another attempt by Reid and the Democrats to not only push social agendas but to curry favor with Hispanic and illegal immigrants in his bid for re-election.

Not only is there a number of ill-concieved wasteful spending measures in the bill itslef, three social agenda provisions / amendments are also included. And reid wanted to limit both debate and Republican amendments to the bill. This is not only shameful on the part of the Senate majority Leader, it is close to criminal. It is a misuse of office. Reid and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for using a military spending bill for their personal benefits.

On the issue of the "don't ask, don't tell" repel language in the bill, I personally have no opinion. While I was in the navy, the world was a different place as far as gays in the military were concerned. Hell, women were just being assigned non-combat duties on Navy vessels at the time. And that was controversial enough. The idea of serving next to and depending on a gay man in the Navy was scary. Today, our young men and women in the military are more accepting of this lifestyle and as long as they are not susceptible to blackmail by terrorists, I hold no concerns.

But on the issue of the language regarding abortions at military facilites, I hold a person distaste for what would essentially turn our military bases into abortion clinics. This may seem a harsh condemnation of this but to me a life is precious and should be protected from the moent of conception. Allowing for women to have abortions funded by the people and performed by dedicated men and women who are normally in the business of saving precious lives, this is an aberration. They would be "ordered" to perform these abortions. And this is unconscionable. For this reason alone it should not be part of any bill on defense spending and should be taken up separately.

The last part of the social agenda of the Democrats and Reid is the inclusion of their DREAM ACT, which is an fancy way of giving a green light to illegal immigration and has no business being tacked onto a Defense Spending bill. This issue is both a hotly contested one in the America today and should not be treated lightly or as a way for Reid to cull the favor of ANY potential voter.

Immigration is a separate issue with many facets to it. It deserves debate by serious people looking for real solutions, not as some political trickery. Reid (and Pelosi on the House side of the bill) are both charlatans masquerading as leaders. They have no business being in charge of such important legislation. By denying debate and attempting to shove yet another social agenda bill in the gusie of real legislation, Reid has shown himself a smarmy politician only concerned with keeping his cushy job in DC.

I am proud of our Republican leaders and the 2 Democrats who stepped up in the Senate to say NO to this travesty. With unemployment so high, I think it would be a refreshing change to fire people like Pelosi and Reid come this November and give the job to people who are serious about the business of America. And fixing the real problems we have.

Now, as always, you can agree with my view of thsi disgustingly political bill or you can disagree with my assessment that Reid and company do a great diservice to this country with their abominable actions on this vote. It really amkes no difference to me. Just so long as I get you top think for yourself and not listen to all the namby pamby left wing media who are just cowering to the White House for some sound bite time. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

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