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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its about middle America, stupid!

I would have said "its about the economy, stupid!" but that wouldn't get across the real problems these knuckleheads in DC just don't seem to get. Billions of dollars to create jobs and stimulate the economy and they just don't get it. And it is not about the poor and the illegal immigrant and the wealthy CEOs. Its about the middle class of America!

The poor, the indigent, the illegal immigrant and their bleeding heart liberal supporters, the wealthy CEOs and Wall Street cronies, and the Beltway insiders are the only ones whining. The stuck in the rut, been there too long, hands in the pockets of every special interest from unions to community organizers members of the US government are whining and complaining and strutting about what they've done and what they plan on doing.

And none of them get it.

Its the middle class of America who are silently suffering. They were doiong fine with their house payments until Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blew up under Barney Frank and the rest of Congress' eyes. Then they started struggling. They were making their car payments just fine, until two of the Big Three needed bailout money and the big bankers were brought into secret meetings at gun point and told they had to both take the money and get super regulated by Big Brother. Then they continued to struggle. health care changes made companies like AT&T report their bottom line was going to tumble, layoffs continued unabated (despite the Summer of Recovery being touted) and credit was impossible to get.

And the middle class of America struggle daily. They are upside down in their cars (which they could afford before but cannot now), they are upside down in the homes (which they could afford but cannot now), they are watching their health care premiums being raised and set to slam them for getting the best plan to care for their family but now is a crime (which they are having trouble being able to afford both premiums and taxes). The middle class makes up a large portion of America but they are struggling silently. They are making $200, $300, $500 less a month than they were before (due to slow downs at work or outright layoffs) and are having to decide between food on the table a roof over the head or the means to get from point A to point B.

And they have no voice, save that of the TEA party groups, talk radio or independent bloggers. Which, of course, no one in government is listening to. In fact, government is doing its best to paint these groups as being not important, not relevant and nto worth their time.

But come November, the middle class WILL have its say. They will be ready to explain to the ever expanding, rapidly disconnecting government that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Until then, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the politicians that are refusing to listen will keep trying to re-manufacture America to their nanny-state preferences. However, they will then find out just how powerful the silently struggling middle class can be. Many of them, Democrat and Republican alike, will be looking for new eployment.

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