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Friday, September 17, 2010

"No more games" decries Obama

Its is ironic that the President wants the games to end when it is he and his Democrat led majority playing most of the games. They have tied up the media with White House access being the bait dangled before them. He and his ill-advised crew have no clue how to run a business or an economy. All the while crying that his GOP adversaries are the party of "No."

On healthcare, they say Repubicans were a party of "no" because they offered no alternatives. But they did. Obama just didn't like what they had to say. On the extension of unemployment, he claims they were the party of "no" because they had no pain for the working man. But they only wanted to know how they Administration proposed to pay for it. In a time of economic downturn it is only fiscally responsible to want to know these things.

In a New York Daily News article, Obama is quoted as saying
"These are the same families who will suffer the most when their taxes go up next year," Obama said of middle-income Americans on Wednesday. "We don't have time for any more games." But this is just one more misdirection. He doesn't want you to know that it is his policies and the Pelosi / Reid wish list from the Democrats of the last twenty some years that are the real problem. It is their "games" of get everything you can as quick as you can before the dream spigot is turned off.

Americans are coming to realize this and trying to turn off the unchecked flow of money and social programming Obama and the others are pushing. The elections of candidates that are newcomers or are speaking to the reality of the situation we find ourselves in has been sweeping the country. Democrats and Republicans alike are finding themselves in tough races they were not expecting.

But we need to do more. We need to send a message to ALL of the DC jokers that we are not amused by their "games" anymore. We are struggling under the burden of their ridiculous spending monstrosities. We need to wake up our frineds and fmaily and neighbors to the the delusion the poltiicians and manistream media have held them under to see the reality of the destructive nature of a government grown too large and powerful. A government not only bulging at the seams from its size but festering at the core from its self absorbed quest for power.

You can agree with me that we need to stop the power grab by those who both salivate at it and those who are self-deluded into thinking they are doing some good by controlling everything. Or you can still be asleep at the wheel and disagree with me. It makes no difference to me. Just as long as I get you to wake up enough to question everything and everybody and think for yourself. But hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

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