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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Duh-bama news

Here's an interesting tidbit from the White House visitor news. Obama is pro-abortion. (And when he was in the IL legislature, he would not support legislation that protected fetuses that "survived" abortion attempts.) Yet a woman MUST register an unborn child (which I must remind you is termed a "baby" not a fetus - kind of suggesting a right) and include the gender, if known. Weird. And kind of hypocritical.

I wrote about Dinner with Obama and brought up how it seemed inappropriate to have this "campaign" function at the White House - as well as kind of illegal maybe to essentially sell lottery tickets for this. No one else was talking about this. Then SUDDENLY its Dinner with George Clooney at his house. Well, not to be outdone, Mitt Romney is having a "Lunch with Mitt" thing. But at the bottom of HIS email, it says "No purchase necessary." I think this is not only interesting (since no one but me was talking about this) but makes a point. Obama was asking people to "purchase" this chance to eat dinner with a sitting President at the White House. Selling the office. Pretty sad.

And for you twit-wits, who would say "uh, da President does those fund raiser dinner things" and I shouldn't even be making a deal about it. But you see here is the difference. Obam does not sell those tickets. And it is a ticket, like going to the movies or something, and not a lottery / raffle / etc. Someone else is doing a fund raiser and the President uses his position as the head of the Party to be there and endorse this person the dinner is for. Even it its for himself. But to sell these raffle tickets, gambling, and use the White House (which does not BELONG to him, it BELONGS to us) is pretty much an abuse of office.

This item is more about the duh-bama supporters than anyone. The President's recent "gay marriage" announcement - which followed the weird and creepy Biden "finger movements" speech - is all about politics. His numbers were slipping even after he denied all blame on everything from the economy to the wet spot on the carpet (just kidding - but he would deny it if it would help him get re-elected). So he did something his handlers told him - openly and loudly support gay marriage. And it did.

From CBS News: "Obama's campaign has declined to say how much it has collected since the announcement but some staffers have asked supporters to give money as a way of expressing their approval."

Anyone who can't see that this is politics plain and simple and they are being used, in my humble opinion, is an absolute idiot.

Don't get me wrong, they all do it. Pander. But since this is "duh-bama news" and not "duh-lected official news" I am just concentrating on this senseless dolts.

But you know, you can agree or disagree with me and it makes no real difference to me. So long as it is you - and not some spin doctor speaking THROUGH you - doing the agreeing or disagreeing. I want you to THINK FOR YOURSELVES, STOP BEING SHEEP and AVOID THE SPIN! Anyway, this is just me, Thinking out Loud.

Have a great day.


postscript - I hope all of you mothers out there (and I mean that in the awed, respectful way - not the cynical way some of you might take me to say it) have an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day. - Love you and miss you, mom.

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