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Monday, May 7, 2012

Iran, Obama, and the kitchen sink

A couple of tidbits to go over in this posting. Iran, Obama, Romney

Okay, we know the leaders of Iran are off their freaking rockers. Its such a shame because the people are so well balanced there. (eye roll) But now comes this story about an altered image for their missile testing. Seems they included a shot of JarJar Binks from Star Wars. If I were Spielberg, I'd sue. What I like about this image, however, is the missile in the background that seems to be coming back at them. Prophetic, maybe? Lets hope.

President Obama is back on the campaign trail. And this means he is jumping on his old strategy again. Deny, deny, deny . . . and hope the American public is gullible enough to fall for it again. I know many an Obama supporter from the first run in 2008 are fed up with him. But its been four years, so there is a bunch of new young people to target and exploit. A new group of young blacks to lie to, a new bunch of young whites to make feel guilty and just generally a new bunch of well meaning but politically and socially ignorant voters to get to pull the old Democrat lever. Just take a look at his "its not my fault" on the economy. Supporters just knowingly nod their head in agreement (as the puppet masters of SPIN reach in, remove their spine and nod it for them). Oh no, they will decry, this is all Bush's fault. Lets forget for a moment that the President is where the buck stops. Ignore the fact that Obama has constantly dodged that buck stopping on his own watch. To say he is "not responsible" for our current financial woes we must rip out part of our brain and forget he was IN CONGRESS when this was happening. We must ignore the fact that HE DID NOTHING while in Congress of any real significance. He merely stood by during photo ops with the people who did do things. Even things we don't like. But he initiated nothing on his own. You can argue that he said the "right things" in opposition. But I put out there for you to consider, he showed NO LEADERSHIP on anything while he was in congress. SO I further submit to you that by NOT DOING anything, he is just as at fault for the economy as everyone else that has been in Congress for the last decade or more.

(I also point out that the figure MOST responsible for our current financial woes is actually Barney Frank, who obstructed efforts to reign in the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dating all the way back to 2000. Yet no one is willing to indict this scumbag because they don't want to be seen offending gays. - I further want to point out that I have no problem offending gays, blacks, white, asian, hetero or otherwise sexual, or just about anyone who deserves to be singled out for stupidity. It doesn't mean I am anti-gay, black, etc - it means I am willing to call stupid, ignorant, criminal or whatever if the accusation fits.)

And I don't intend for that to sound racist, but it is the President himself who keeps trumping up the race card. He keeps jumping on it like a kid on a new pogo stick, never getting tired of going up and down, but never getting anywhere in the vicinity of forward movement.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, Vladmir Putin, who really wants a return of the Soviet Union's glory days, speaks of unity and shows what he means by rounding up protestors. In what can only amount to the ultiamte "spin", Putin said, "We want to, and we will, live in a democratic country," evoking patriotic images of Russia as a great nation and urging people to show a sense of responsibility and national pride to make the country stronger. And these guys are our friends. At least they are friends with Obama.

Not to be outdone on the international arena, the President has issued a memoranda (dated April 25, 2012) in regards to ignoring terrorism and ignoring international conventions, in order to give money and lots of other things to the Palestinian Authority. By issuing this memoranda, which seems tame on the surface, simply stating the whole "Chapter 4 of Part II" opens the door to all kinds of aide. We may not be at war with Palestine, and according to Obama himself we aren't even really at war with terrorists anymore, but this really shows that Obama is no friend of Israel.

Things look like a lock for Romney at the Republican National Convention come August. Or do they? Seems that Ron Paul is gathering enough delegates to make things a problem for Romney. If for no other reason than the fact that Mitt will have to do some groveling and give Ron Paul supporters things they want on the platform. The little guy who never seems to gain enough support to influence things may actually get a little maneuvering room at the convention.

To which, on the latter issue, I am hoping to be able to swing enough cash to make it to Tampa for the GOP convention. I have the press credentials, I just need the money to get there, find a place to stay and get home. Cross your fingers. I am not wiling to ask for donations in order to get there, but if you want to buy my book between now and June, I will get the money from the publisher in time to book a flight and room. I figure I need to sell just about 1000 books to afford the trip. As a reminder, you can purchase Thinking Out Loud - The Book directly from the publisher (Smashwords) here. If I get 10 comments on this blog I will also put on a link where you can get 10% off the book. (This should still allow me to make enough money for the convention but on the cheap - that is, only a meal a day.)

Finally, agree or disagree with what I have to say, it doesn't really matter. So long as it is YOU agreeing or disagreeing, and not regurgitation of some SPIN doctor's version of things. Because, hey, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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