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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texas Education? NOT!

This is what passes for education in the Texas school system. A teacher - whom the students say felt uncomfortable teaching this but it was "in the curriculum" - has students dressing up like Islamists, calling terrorists "freedom fighters" and sugar coating genocide (referring to the Holocaust as "ethnic cleansing").

Understanding other cultures is one thing, blatantly waxing over evil is something completely different.

If you are form Texas, you should be embarrassed by this story. If you are in the military, you should be outraged that this is what you are defending. If you are a victim of terrorism (here or in any where in the world) - which is, in my mind, nothing but the actions of cowards - you should be stunned and hurt. If you are an American, you should be calling the state officials responsible for this out!

The Holocaust was systematic murder with the intent of wiping out an entire culture, religion, heritage, genetic group. It was the actions of madmen who felt that simply by virtue of birth they were superior. ALL ETHNIC CLEANSING is this, no matter it was in Germany, Serbia, Uganda, Rwanda, ANYWHERE! It was / is murder. Cold, calculated, deliberate and premeditated murder. To say otherwise is sick. To teach otherwise is dangerous and reprehensible.

Islam has a long history of being a culture of advancement, beauty and richness. The modern version of extremist Islam is nothing but a bunch of thugs and manipulators with insane agendas. To represent it as anything else is not education, it is brainwashing.

Go ahead . . . agree or disagree. I don't care. But think about what this truly is and how it impacts not only the students of this twisted school system, but the future of this country. And decide if you want murderous thugs being portrayed as the good guys. If you do, shame on you. If you don't, get those letters and phone calls and emails flying to the Lone Star State! They need to be made aware of their sickness. But hell, what do I know? This is just me, after all, Thinking Out Loud.

Try to have a good day.


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