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Friday, July 8, 2016

Really? Cop Killing to Protest? Stupid!

COMMENTARY - You all know I am a vocal opponent to most of our elected officials and often call them out on their blowhardedness. And you know I have been outspoken about some of the stupid things Tom Marino has said. But on this one thing (despite the fact I know he has an agenda for everything he does), I have to agree.

Here is what Marino sent out to press:

Rep. Marino Responds to Dallas Attack

Washington D.C.—Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) issued the following statement after the attack on Dallas law enforcement officials that left 5 dead and several injured:

“Yesterday our nation experienced the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. The senseless loss of life this week is horrific and my thoughts are with the families of those who have been tragically taken. Instead of unifying and bringing our country together, too many of our leaders, including our president, have been the driving force in dividing us and pitting our citizens against one another. Some of this rhetoric has vilified our law enforcement to the point where individuals believe it is ok to commit mass murder against this community. The Dallas police chief said it himself - most days he and his team do not feel support. The very people who have dedicated their lives to protect us feel ostracized. Still, these officers ran headlong into danger and risked their lives so that the people around them and the city of Dallas would remain safe. My heart goes out to the injured officers, the victims’ families and their communities. There is absolutely no place for this type of violence. This divisiveness must stop.”

But I will go a step further than him by saying that if there weren't so many lawless people who feel they have a right to be as asinine and disgusting and disrespectful of life and authority, cops wouldn't be so on edge. If parents weren't so lacking in teaching their kids respect and responsibility, we wouldn't have a generation who thinks they can tell cops to "F" themselves or think its open season on our law enforcement members.

Sure there are bad cops, I am not so naive to think that there aren't bad ones out there. However, that is just like there are bad teachers and bad retail sales people and bad you name it. But the percentage of cops who are bad are a small number. Most are there to protect and serve and keep our society from de-evolving into chaos.

And if you think that any person has a right to just go blow away a cop in protest of what some other cop has done, then you have to believe that I am justified in blowing away any black person because a group of them mugged me once. Or that I have a right to just go blow away any neighbor because one raped a young girl I knew and destroyed her life. Or maybe I am justified in blowing away a car salesman because one screwed me over and left me on the brink of bankruptcy. Or a blow up the home of some random bank employee because a bank foreclosed on my house and left me homeless.

Your justification are stupid, so just SHUT UP with your racist BS. Yes, I told you to SHUT UP! Why? Because all the babble out there and raised voices of gang members and poor people and Hollywood types and a President who is so out of control he doesn't know when a leader should NOT add to the babble, are not doing anything to FIX THE PROBLEM, just add to the disease that is spreading across this country like leprosy.

Yes, some cops are racist. And so are some grocery store clerks. So are gang bangers. So are lots of others. But the numbers of ACTUAL racist people is small compared to the number of compassionate and caring people in America. SO STOP LUMPING people into a category just because someone with an agenda tells you to.

This is the worst case of BEING SHEEP I have seen in years. If you used your brain, you would remember the cop who gave you directions when you were hopelessly lost and on the verge of tears. Or the cop who held the little old lady's hand who had just been t-boned and was waiting for an ambulance. Or the the cop who caught the scum who stole your purse, broke into your house, raped your daughter's best friend. You would remember the feeling of relief as you walk at night from your job to your care when you saw the cop on the street or in the parking lot. Because you felt safer.

And you would remember the people who are afraid of cops are those who have a reason to be afraid of cops. (And I don't mean because they were brainwashed into thinking all cops are bad. Those poor kids turned into adults who feared cops for NO REASON. Only because bad people told them to afraid of cops.)

Okay by now the rabid crowds are slathering at all I have been saying. Calling me a racist. (Go stuff it because you don't know me or my life.) Calling me whatever pops into their little pea brains. But here's the thing.

I think if a cop has a bad shoot, they should be investigated and punished. If it was a legitimate mistake (someone with a BB gun points it and they kill the person, they STILL POINTED A WEAPON), then they should be punished accordingly - reprimand, re-training, dismissal, whatever a review board decides is appropriate. If a cop kills someone and it is manslaughter, murder, whatever, they should be punished accordingly. BY AN APPROPRIATE REVIEW BOARD. And if you disagree with the board, then complain to the person who appointed them. But DO NOT - I repeat for emphasis - DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON ANY COP YOU SEE ON THE STREET!

This is anarchy. This is BS. These good cops you are lumping with the few bad ones have families. They have saved lives. They have protected you and your family. And deserve respect for putting on that badge everyday to go to work knowing they might not be coming home each night. They have lives just like you. They go to the store just like you. They want to see their parents 50th anniversary, they want to see their kids graduate and get married, they want to see the joy on their spouses' when they open that special Christmas gift they have been saving up for all year.

THEY are not the problem.

The ANGRY MOBS causing chaos are the problem. People venting anger and frustration at the wrong people are the problem. Politicians - and yes I am pointing my finger at the President specifically - who have an agenda or abuse their office, are the problem. Not letting justice take its course, not changing a system if you feel it is corrupt or broken, lazy people in general who will not do the work to fix things . . . THIS IS THE PROBLEM! Scumbags and cowards who take pot shots at cops who are just out there doing their jobs ARE THE PROBLEM! A culture of hate and violence and crime and irresponsibility for their own actions IS THE PROBLEM!

Advocating killing cops is the criminals solution, because it suits them! Blaming some poor guy out there doing his job because they don't want you to see they are not doing their's is the politicians solution, because it suits them!

I am angry. So this edition is angry. But you don't see me taking it to the streets and saying "kill all the protesters". And you don't see cops doing this either. I am trying to educate you so you thin k for yourselves, so that you are honest with yourselves. You are looking for someone to take out your anger and fear and frustration on. But you are targeting the wrong group. You are venting your hate in the wrong direction.

Just stop reacting with hate and start thinking. Fix the problems instead of adding to them.

Agree or disagree, its up to you. After all, this is just me - one person - Thinking Out Loud.


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