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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Justice System or Joke?

What the hell is wrong with people today? What is up with judges?? I have always had a problem with the screwed up legal system in this country. And with the recent political cases that have been dropped or passed along to the next dupe, I have been truly shaking my head.

But here are two cases that just leave me outraged.

In one, a college student is raped and the boy, Austin Wilkerson, goes to trial (can't say man because he is NOT), and the case is not only made, his duplicity before, during and after the assault are enough to get him a guilty verdict. But then the judge gives him two years work release and 20 years probation. WHAT?!?!?

Even the District Attorney is as disgusted by this as I am.

"This defendant raped a helpless young woman after duping the people around her into believing he was going to care for her, tried to cover up his crime, and then repeatedly lied about what he did -- including under oath at trial," District Attorney Stan Garnett wrote in part in the sentencing memorandum.

"Nothing can mitigate that enough to not warrant incarceration."

But on Wednesday, Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler sentenced Wilkerson to two years of work release and 20 years to life on probation.

At least some people know better and have resorted to petitioning the judge be removed. (

But then there is another case, where a couple broke tax laws and were slammed with three years in prison. (

Couple sentenced to prison in tax case

A federal judge sentenced a former St. John couple this week to 36 months in prison over filing false tax returns that resulted in more than $1.28 million in outstanding taxes, interest and penalties.

George Gasich, 55, and Barbara Gasich, 54, who reside in Lakewood Ranch, Fla., were also fined $50,000 each, due immediately, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney David Capp.

To allow them to continue caring for their child, Barbara Gasich will not begin her sentence until after her husband completes his sentence, court documents stated.

The Gasichs, who had a 20-year dispute with the Internal Revenue Service, pleaded guilty to one count of filing false tax refund claims. An IRS agent testified the couple had earnings of more than $3 million since 2000, but had only voluntarily paid $7,458 in federal income taxes, according to federal authorities.

Really? I mean, okay, they broke the law. It was about money. No one was hurt. And they have a beef with the IRS. (Hey, who doesn't?) But yeah, they deserve to be punished.

But the kid who violently and sexually assaulted a young lady who will have to live with that for the rest of her life stays free? And they get three years in prison?

Where is the justice? Where is the outrage? I guess that is saved for when a criminal is shot by a law enforcement officer and the people rob, loot, pillage and plunder everything in sight because of this 'injustice'.

Or when a politician is indicted time and time again but is so rich and powerful they get away with it. And then their supporters cry foul. They say how could you keep harassing this politician when they obviously did nothing wrong.

But where are these people who cry over a criminal and show indignation over a crooked politician when it comes to such BS legal wrangling?

I guess I should not expect more from a system so rigged by money and influence that some rich kid can get away with murder and flight. The “affluenza” defense got Ethan Crouch 10 years probation. He fled the country, was captured and a judge is “considering” a sentence of 720 days in jail. (

But NOT for killing four people in 2013. But for leaving the country and violating his probation.


I am just sick about how bad our justice system is.

Agree or disagree, just look into it for yourself and you decide if its working.

Have a great day.

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