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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Let Gary Debate

Hi gang! Looks like Gary Johnson is becoming more and more known across the country. More people are realizing they have a choice.

Got this email from the campaign the other day:


Let's Get People Talking About #LetGaryDebate!

There's a reason why major digital media outlets like Mashable are talking about our campaign.

Because you have all done an incredible job of pushing this campaign across social media. And over 600,000 people have signed the petition to #LetGaryDebate.

Over 30 million people reached on Facebook alone just last week!

Now, we have just launched a campaign that can help the #LetGaryDebate campaign go viral.
There is one simple way you can help: Change your social profile picture to let people know that you want to "Let Gary Debate!"
Changing your profile picture using Twibbon will keep your current social profile pic, but send a subtle message to all of your friends that you are one of the 62% of Americans that want a third voice in the presidential debates.

Change With Just a Click: 

After you’ve added the #LetGaryDebate overlay to your social profile, pleaseSHARE with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social network.

Imagine 600,000 social profiles demanding to #LetGaryDebate.

This alone will catch the attention of the political community. All we need is your help.
Click HERE to Change your Profile!


So lets all get out there and make a difference. Lets get Johnson on the debate stage.

And I don't care if you intend to vote for him or not> We need the conversation he is going to bring. Lets get away from all the immature nonsense the Trump and CLionton campaigns have brought to this election.

All the name calling, all the he said / she said B******T that has been the hallmark of this Presidential election season . . . all of it . . . will go away once Johnson makes them start talking issues and solutions. And who knows, the more you hear about his fiscally conservative (read responsible) ideas and his socially liberal (read caring) plans, you might actually come to realize that he is what is needed in America today.

But even if not, you will have the two major parties (who have held a duopoly on this country for decades) getting back to putting needs of the country ahead of their egos!

Agree or disagree, I'm just trying to help you be more informed. This is just me, Thinking Out Loud!

Have a great day!


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