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Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Reason To Say NO To Hillary Clinton for President

Need a reason to say "NO!" to Hillary Clinton for President?
Hillary Clinton and her "superpredator" quote.
Here is a link to a Washington Post piece in February of this year, where during a primary stop she grew irritated by a woman who demanded Clinton apologize for her remark in 1996 (although she said "those kinds of kids" and did not directly call them "black youth") - which she didn't originally recognize as her own quote.

(Incorrect meme floating around the internet.
No attribution is offered but can be found on
Facebook page.)

Clinton only apologized in the Post AFTER the event that caused her during the Primary to be confronted by this quote. (But in the scope of fairness, it must be noted that while she was referencing black gangs in her speech she never said "black youth". She said "those kinds of kids".)
The woman raising the issue was chastised by organizers and Clinton, and escorted out. And THIS is the woman who wants us to elect her President? Saying she is better than Gary Johnson? Saying she wants us to BELIEVE her? What a true travesty that people in this country would continue to support her.
Clinton is a bully. And this is not just me saying something mean. This is fact supported by incident after incident of her actions. The Primary stop in Columbia, South Carolina is just one of many where her arrogance is on direct display, yet millions flock to her.
Based on her record and her actions, I can only conclude that they do so because she is a woman. And they want a woman President . . . no matter what. No matter how unethical, immoral, stupendously arrogant that woman may be.
Although my detractors will call this a misogynistic statement (they are the same who say any disagreement with the President is racist - both completely false observations), it is not. I would vote for a decent qualified woman the same way I would vote for anyone running for office.
I don't want a white President. I don't want a black President. I don't want a woman President. Nor a Republican / Democrat / Socialist / Etc, etc President. I don't want ANY "Fill-In-The-Blank" President.
I want a decent, qualified, ethical, moral President who has the interests of the country - not their own or their financial backers or some party driven agenda crony or some court of world opinion - the best interests of the United States of America as their central motivation.
But I tell you here and now, and you can look it up - in fact I WANT YOU TO LOOK IT UP - for yourself. Don't listen to what people say about the candidates or their speeches or their motives, listen to what the candidates SAY and DO themselves. Look at what they HAVE DONE to see what they will do.
Don't be sheep! Don't listen to the SPIN DOCTORS! Think for yourselves!

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