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Thursday, March 24, 2011

War is War, no matter who tells you otherwise

Cindy Sheehan, where are your indignities now?!

The media seem to be ignoring a fact. A fact that Obama himself decried back in 2007. A fact that the media, Dems, libs and tons of people railed against when W was President. But for some reason, the "great educator" who is more and more becoming sole proprietor for what is best for the country and what is not, has duped the media and millions around the world into ignoring the truth.

Any military action that sends HUNDREDS of bombs into another country is an act of war, declared or not. The President is Constitutionally obligated to have a declaration of war from Congress to do this. Whether for a right reason or wrong. BUt lets just put that aside for a moment and ask, Why Libya? There have been plenty of countries that have been decimating civilian populations, where the citizens have risen up against a corrupt and dictatorial government, and we have done nothing. Where was Obama's outrage for the happenings in Darfur? Where was his outrage for the recent Jasmine revolution oppression in China? Where WAS/IS his outrage at how terrorists treat US soldiers? How Hamas / Iran / name a Mideast terror group bombs Israel while the word looks on and condemns Israel's response?

Let us face it. Obama wants America DOWN to the level of other countries. He told us he would do this during his run for the White House. He showed he wanted this in his very for "apology tour" after gaining office. And he is constantly proving his metal in this regard with every action he has taken as President to lead us down a socialist nanny state country. It is his "hand out, not hand up" educational and associational influences. It is why he can happily tell Brazil we will help them drill oil and be their number one customer, while telling America we cannot drill and we must not be dependent on foreign oil.

It is a shame that NPR has gone so far down the LEFT road that it cannot even see it has strayed. But it is no less than what the mainstream media has done in recent years. They have gone from the eyes and ears and watchdogs of the government for the people to being more concerned with "access" to the White House and Congress (access only the Dems felt obliged to threaten if they said the press said the wrong things).

With our forces stretched thin, our worldwide reputation in shambles, our economy teetering once again (thanks to all the great work this Administration has taken to date), can we truly afford to be battling and funding yet another war. And make no mistake, it is a war. And we will be paying -- now and later.

After 9/11 we had every right to attack at the heart of those who attacked us. After that, it was a dicey decision to start a battle on another front, even though we had intel that suggested a serious threat to our own country. (You can debate whether it was poor intel, false intel, made up intel or whatever. The fact that it existed and was good enough for our allies to agree is enough to warrant SOME action.) But this latest action borders on the irresponsible and unconstitutional. It may well be an impeachable offense. There was no imminent threat to our country. There was no action that put our troops or citizens in direct threat. Yet President Obama took it upon himself to commit American forces and resources to a WAR with another country without Congress' okay.

I do not dispute something needed to be done. But Obama's 'moral imperative' to aid those in need rings so hollow when he did / is doing nothing to aide those decimated in Darfur.

Agree or disagree, it doesn't bother me. Just take in the info, look at all the facts and think for yourself rather than let some politician or media outlet tell you how to think. Make your own decision, don't let it be made for you. That just makes you a zombie or really gullible. Either way, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.
Have a great day.

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