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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Hypocrisy

The following is an email sent out by the Nancy Pelosi camp.

Charles --

Do you know what House Republicans have done to create jobs since claiming the Majority three months ago? Nothing.

However, they’ve found time for votes to restrict access to reproductive health care, take teachers out of our classrooms, nurses out of our hospitals, and even to defund NPR. All told, Republican cuts would destroy 700,000 jobs.

I’ve had enough of the Republicans’ extremist anti-jobs agenda and I think you have too.
On March 31st, we’ll hit the first FEC quarterly filing deadline since the outrageous GOP power play in Wisconsin and Republicans took the reins in the House. The eyes of the nation will be on our fundraising numbers to judge our grassroots determination to fight back against the radical Republican agenda. We must have a strong showing.

Contribute $5 or more to the DCCC’s Million Dollar Matching Gift Campaign right now. This deadline is so important that if you contribute today, my fellow House Democrats and I will match every dollar you give with two of our own up to our $1 Million goal.

An extreme Republican majority has launched an all out assault on middle class America. It began in Wisconsin, but has spread to Congress and state houses across the country.

Secretive groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS are already up on the air running vicious attack ads against House Democrats who are standing up against the Republican assault and fighting for middle class working families.

I’ve set a goal of $1 million before the March FEC deadline to show the world that we have the grassroots strength to fight radical Republican budget cuts and to stand up for middle class American families.

Contribute $5 or more to the DCCC’s Million Dollar Matching Gift Campaign right now. This deadline is so important that if you contribute today, my fellow House Democrats and I will match every dollar you give with two of our own -- tripling the impact of your gift.

The DCCC counts on individual donors like you for 75% of their funding. Together, we can turn back this Republican attack on the middle class and move America forward. Please contribute today.
Thank you.

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader

P.S. The first FEC quarterly deadline of the year is just 10 days from now. We must exceed our $1 Million grassroots goal to show the world that Democrats are strong, united and determined to fight back against the radical Republican agenda. Contribute Now.

I find it incredibly nauseating to read this, most especially from her. She is such an obnoxious individual who should never have been given any major position of power, as it went completely to her head. Now that she is out of power, the rhetoric (which is par for the course by any politician these days -- sadly) comes as a hypocritical reversal of her position when she was in charge. Remember the day the Congress began session with the Dems in control and she as Speaker? She cut the Republicans off at the knee caps and made their representation of their constituents absolutely nil. She both literally and figuratively disconnected half of this country and their rights at a representative government.

But Now she has "had enough" and she wants you to give her money to fight the Republicans. Of which she and other Democrats pledge to give two to your one in contributions. But where does she and her fellow Dems get the money they will pledge? From you, the people who give to her campaign and the other Dems. Seems really lame and dishonest and misleading and completely eye rolling.

Seems she has enough of the GOP actually doing their job and getting the jobs situation back on track (as opposed to the Dem controlled Congress who did nothing but spend, spend, spend their way deeper into the hole and making businesses nervous with all the changes ans spending and taxing and anti-business agenda). The GOP and most Conservatives understand how business works, how jobs are created, and they are actively working to get things right again so Americans can get back to work.

Dems do not know how business works. The President and Pelosi do not know how to make payroll, to make a profit, to grow a business. They only know how to keep everyone on entitlements and the public dole. They only know how to destroy the American Dream. They only know how to GROW government. Unions are killers of business today, and the GOP knows it. The Dems and all their liberal allies are so deep in bed with the unions, they wouldn't know "workers' rights" if it came up and bit them in their collective patooties! Unions had their place. And if they were not so greedy, corrupt and anti-business, they might still have a place at the table. But they aren't concerned beyond growing their own leadership's bank accounts and power.

Pelosi and those like her just make me sick. And it is I (and others like me) who have "Had Enough"!! We spoke in 2010 midterms. And if these nitwits (who pander to special interest, corrupt unions and entitlement addicted addle brains) don't get on the stick and start earning their (way too high) salaries, which we the people pay, then 2012 will be a HUGE slap in their faces as we send them scrambling to find a new place to live and a new job to do.

Personally, this may be just me, and you don't have to agree or disagree. Just so long as you look at what I have to say and think about it real hard. Don't just let others do the thinking part for you, and I will have considered my time well spent.

But heck, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

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