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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To Stand Against Hypocrisy

A blogger colleague wrote about this and I just had to share and add my two cents. Read this and then continue.

Lori brought attention to the video of Veena Malik showing grace and intelligence in the face of the narrow minded and "pick and choose" ideology that has become Islam. I was so blown away by the power and conviction of Ms Malik. And I feared for her life as well. My oldest daughter was shocked when I told her about the video because she said that women like that are usually stoned to death in these backward countries. And I agree that her life has become a target of these hypocrites in cleric's robes.

So long ago, these lands held to a higher standard of intellect and understanding. From the Middle East came great leaps in philosophy and math and science. The culture of these lands was revered around the world. Their savvy trade and artistry was renowned.

But today, due to fanatical adherence to a redacted version of their faith, they have become feared and hated. Their core beliefs that terrorism is good (the whole 72 virgins lie told to illiterate and hopeless people) and that women are subservient, that they are not worthy of respect and equality, has been a warping of their founding laws. They have been perverted by greedy and insane for power leaders that have them ignoring not only their origins, but their culture and the truth in their faith.

Now I am not in any way saying that there is not ignorance and hypocrisy in other countries or other faiths, far from it. But the hypocrisy in Islam has so much farther reaching consequences where it leads to shopping malls being blown up and office buildings being leveled and school buses being targeted and two thirds of their own populations being held as less than worthy, needs a proverbial kick in the "arse" as Lori so eloquently put it.

Agree, disagree, it makes no difference. But so long as I have educated you in another way of thinking, so long as I have gotten you out of the habit of taken what others (including myself) say as gospel and start thinking for yourselves, I will have accomplished my objective. As for me, it makes no matter, since I am, as always, just Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.

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