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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mook is a . . . well, mook

Robby Mook is the Executive Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He is supposed to be an intelligent person. You really couldn't tell it, in my opinion. But this latest email he is sending out makes one just turn their head sideways and go “huhnnnnn??”

Just take a look at this and ask yourself the question, “what the hell is this guy talking about?”

“I had to send this around -- it’s new poll numbers for the generic Congressional ballot just released:

You can bet Boehner and Cantor are really panicking now.

Let's win the House for President Obama. Chip in $3 right now >>



Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director”

Wording-wise, its standard Democratic fare. We're gonna win, but we (the really rich schmucks in politics) need your money to do it.

But the twist is the poll he is so proud of. What the heck is it saying? Democrats 47, Republicans 43? First, that doesn't equal 100. So it isn't talking about how many of one or the other is going to win the House. Its not 50, so it doesn't represent the Senate. Is it an approval rating? Not likely, as those for Congress are down in the teens and single digits.

So what the hell is he really saying here?

I have my own thoughts.

He's saying: “Hey all you sheep! Ignore what I'm saying because it doesn't really matter! What matters is that I get you all psyched up to send us money! Because despite what we say on the campaign trail, its all about the money we don't have to spend and can soak you for all you got! So, come on, give us money! Right now! And we'll win! YEA!”

Well that's how I read it anyway.

But the worse thing about this email. Not that its doesn't really say anything important. That is just typical politics. All they care about is the power their position gives them. Oh and maybe the pension for life that most of us would kill just to get for a few years.

No what is really bad about this email is that there are millions of sheep ready to send these people money every possible chance.

Why? Because they are scared that the other “evil” party will get in. No matter that the party in there now has done so much damage, the OTHER party is the evil one. Or its because they are lazy sacks of you know what that don't want to see an end to the gravy train of entitlements. Or its because they have no mind of their own and believe whatever it is they are told they are supposed to believe.

No matter what the reason, the sad part is that this email – and so many like it that seem to be pumped out daily – people will give them money. Forget the fact that $3 to Obama and Mook is a tip on a cup of coffee in the morning, while it represents the weekly disposable spending of grandma Kelly and Mr. Jones down at the recycling center. To them, $3 is the difference between going one day without breakfast or buying little Timmy a birthday present.

The gall of these guys, and every politician like them – which most of them are – is that they just don't get it. The President gets $430,000 a year, and then every year after he's out of office as a pension. Congress gets $172,000 a year and also that same amount as a pension after being voted out of office (or more likely retiring, because none of these slugs willingly leaves such a cushy job). If they really want these jobs then these punks, most of whom were or will be millionaires even without the money they get for being politicians, they should have to pay for themselves.

Imagine you're going for a job with ABC Company. But someone else is going for the same job. So you put up bulletin boards on the boss' way to the office. You take out newspaper ads in papers he or she reads. You do television spots. All to get the job. Now imagine you go out and ask people at the company to give you money to pay for these ads.

Ain't happening. So why should it be this way in our government?

Agree with me or not about all of this. I just want you to LOOK at it and decide for yourself, without the whispering of political consultants telling you what to think. If you come to a conclusion without these leeches influencing it, that's all that matters to me. But hey, you know, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud.

Have a great day.


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