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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Dinner with Barack" update

Just got this from Julianna Smoot. (Someone doing mass emailing for

"You know how if you win Dinner with Barack, you get to pick a guest to bring along?
Well, this is pretty great:
This time, you get to weigh in on who the President brings, too."

I think this is pretty neat. Since you no longer HAVE to donate to enter (not taking credit, just interesting that they changed this when I made a stink about it right here on Thinking Out Loud and on Yahoo, and again mentioned it this year), I keep entering.

But who should I tell him I think should be at the dinner, too?

I was thinking that most people will say "Oh bring Michelle. I'd just love to meet the First Lady." And I can't really blame them. Its like they are a matched set. If you're gonna meet the President in a social setting, you just automatically have to have the First Lady. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Sugar and cream. Peas and carrots. They just go together, right?

But I think that if you are gonna be given the chance then it ought to be someone else.

SO here is what I was thinking.

How about Eric Holder? That should be good for a few interesting moments.

Say, Eric, could you pass the bread and a few M-16s?

I was maybe thinking Jay Carney, but then there would just be too much SPIN going on at the table. Every time the President would start to speak, Jay would pop in with the Administration line on it.

Or how about David Patraeus? Then I could thank him for all his hard work in the Middle East. And maybe ask him about the inner workings of our security agencies and are they really working together well now. But maybe that wouldn't be a great idea. Obama might feel overshadowed and start acting all goofy.

Then there's Joe Biden. I really wouldn't want to sit down and eat with him. But then again, he'd definitely be good for a few laughs.

But really, would that be worth spoiling the meal? Probably not.

I wonder if you can ask for ANYBODY to sit at the table? Hmmmm . . .

How about George W? That would be really interesting. Can we get Condi Rice there? Now that would be cool. Oh Oh Oh, wait . . . how about Mitt Romney?? Oh man wouldn't that be the meal worth being at?! I mean, hey, they're both doing the eat with me schtick. They could consolidate.

Maybe you can weigh in and let us know who YOU think should be at the Dinner with Barack. And then if any one of us wins, we will know who to bring.

(Note - I can't give you the direct link to the "contest" because its pre-loaded with all my information . . . hey, thats pretty insidious. They already have my info loaded into their webpages. Makes you wonder about privacy and such. Gives you shiver, don't it?)

Anyway, this is just me, Thinking Out Loud about this really daft trend in politics.

Have a great day.


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